10% of Italian dairy farms may soon be lost

Date: 10.11.2022Source: Qui Finanza

According to the latest FAO Price Index for October, global cereal prices increased by 11% year-on-year and 3% month-on-month in October. Also up year-on-year were prices for animal products such as meat (+5.7%) and dairy products (+15.3%), which use cereals as feed input.


According to an analysis by the Itaian  farmers’ association Coldiretti, almost one in ten stables (9%) is in such a critical situation due to the increase in costs that it could be closed, with negative consequences for the environment, the economy and employment, but also for the survival of the agricultural and food heritage “Made in Italy”, starting with the most typical cheeses.


Italian farmers are affected by a real “explosion” in production costs, averaging +60% and linked to the rise in energy prices, so that up to +95% is required for feed, +110% for diesel and even +500% for electricity costs to run milking and milk storage systems. The situation is particularly dramatic for mountain farms, where high bills are forcing farms to close and slaughter animals, bringing an estimated 15% drop in milk production and affecting the production of alpine cheese.


According to Coldiretti the entire Italian dairy heritage is in danger, with 580 dairy specialities, including 55 PDOs and 525 typical cheeses, a heritage with which the country now surpasses even France.


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Roland Sossna

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