2021 global consumer trends in the food & beverage industry

Date: 21.01.2021Source: Agrana Fruit

AGRANA Fruit has announced again its latest consumer trends outlook relevant for the food & beverage industry for 2021 and beyond, identified by an international and multi-disciplinary team of experts.

The last year has brought major changes for the world overall and in particular for the food & beverage industry. Several consumer trends have been accelerated by the global pandemic; others slowed down.

The health trend ‘forever young’ has been especially accelerated over the last year, with key themes such as immunity, gut health, mental wellbeing, but also eye health. The previously niche topic of eye health is gaining momentum as the screen time of both adults and kids has significantly increased due to the pandemic and the social distancing measures in place in many parts of the world.

Besides the elevated health focus, the higher level of attention placed on avoiding food waste, purchasing local food and more plant-based food in nutrition are key themes in 2021. Indulgence also plays a role – with modern interpretations of nostalgic products and texture at the heart of the experience. Given the difficult global economic situation, value for money takes centre stage for many consumers looking for affordable, convenient and yet healthy products.

Says Johannes Kleppers, CEO of AGRANA Fruit: “Monitoring the latest trends is our passion at AGRANA Fruit. We have a global team of trend experts covering all continents, which enables us to anticipate consumer needs and create, based on these insights, innovative concepts for our customers. Innovation is in our DNA at AGRANA Fruit.”  For more visit  international.trendblog.agrana.com/en/start

David Cox

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