2022 edition of the World Dairy Situation Report launched

Date: 13.09.2022Source: International Dairy Federation

The well-expected 2022 edition of the IDF World Dairy Situation Report is now available. Once again, the report is providing to all actors and stakeholders of the dairy chain with relevant data and analysis on the global production, processing, trade, prices and consumption of milk and dairy products. The report was launched during the IDF World Dairy Summit in New Delhi, India.

A full auditorium composed of world dairy leaders, experts, businessmen and journalists was able to attend a live presentation on the highlights of this 13th edition of one of IDF’s flagship publications. Thanks to these international collaborative efforts, the IDF World Dairy Situation Report includes interesting findings and takeaways:

“2021 was the second COVID-19 pandemic year, but again this year this disruption had only a limited impact on the global dairy sector,” state the authors on the publication’s summary, providing proof of the resilience of the global dairy sector.

Said Caroline Emond, IDF Director General and Kirsten Holm Svendsen, Chair of IDF Standing Committee on Dairy Policies and Economics in their foreword: “Regardless of how hard the difficulties and challenges were during the past years, the global dairy sector never lost its ability to anticipate and adapt to changes.”

The global milk production (for all species) grew by 2.1% in 2021 in line with past years’ growth. The share of world trade in global milk production still lies around 10%.

Concluded Emond and Svendsen: “Global per capita consumption increased by 1.4% to 118.2 kg in milk equivalents in 2021. Milk is not only the main source of high-quality nutrients for all ages (particularly for children and ageing populations) but also a socio-economic activity that ensures a living to millions of families and communities in all regions of the globe. This World Dairy Situation Report is condensation in data and figures of all the activity that is taking place worldwide as you read these lines. Prepared by dairy experts from around the world, the report is a well-trusted source for dairy enthusiasts.

We thank our editing team composed of the French Centre National Interprofessionnel de l’Economie Laitière (CNIEL) and the Dutch Dairy Inter-branch organisation ZuivelNL, the OECD and Rabobank for their contributions as well as our Platinum sponsor Mengniu.”

The IDF World Dairy Situation Report 2022 can be bought at the publication section of the IDF corporate website: Bulletin of the IDF N°518/2022: The World Dairy Situation Report 2022 – FIL-IDF

David Cox / IDM

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