2022 global consumer trends

Date: 06.02.2022Source: AGRANA Fruit

AGRANA Fruit has announced its latest consumer trends outlook for the food & beverage industry for 2022 and beyond, identified by an international and multi-disciplinary team of experts.

Sustainability and health remain the focus of consumers’ outlook for 2022. The challenging time of the pandemic, with its social distancing measures, has highlighted the importance of immunity, good health, and mental wellbeing. Living under the trendy motto ‘happy me, healthy me’ is about avoiding stress and focusing more on sleep and self-care.

Consumers are also paying special attention to making sustainable choices in what to eat considering what is least harmful to the environment. Increasing sources of plant-based products is yet another confirmation that consumers are looking for alternative products based on the value of a clean label and sustainable premium products. In addition to this increased interest in taking care of the planet and a healthy lifestyle during the period of restricted living, consumers are also ready to try something new, exciting, and enjoyable. Going out and ordering dishes from different countries gives them a feeling of being transported to another corner of the world.

Said Stephan Büttner, CEO, AGRANA Fruit: “At AGRANA Fruit we are passionate about innovation. We therefore pay lots of attention to continuously monitoring the latest food trends around the world. This helps our global innovation team to anticipate future consumer needs and successfully create innovative concepts for food and beverages together with our customers.”  To find out more visit the latest trendblog

David Cox / IDM

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