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Date: 15.02.2024Source: Krones

Since the first ErgoBloc L from Krones was unveiled at drinktec 2009, it has been an integral part of bottling plants. With its market launch, Krones realised a vision at the time: the complete filling and packaging line combined in one block.

What followed was a success story – as the order for the 500th ErgoBloc shows. The anniversary block goes to the Philippine bottler Philippine Spring Water Resources Inc (PSWRI).

Said Danilo Lua, President of PSWRI: “We are delighted that this milestone in Krones’ block technology is being utilised at our facility. The block significantly expands our production capacity and allows us to meet the growing demand for our products while maintaining our commitment to quality and sustainability.”

This is because the ErgoBloc’s compact footprint, modular design and seamless integration of key processes, including stretch blow moulding, labelling and filling, into a single compact unit has multiple benefits in operation: it contributes to a significant reduction in space requirements, energy consumption and operating costs. In addition, the system’s intuitive user interface and advanced automation features minimise downtime, optimise overall production efficiency and ensure product quality – perfectly aligning with PSWRI’s dedication to delivering the highest-quality bottled water to Filipino consumers.

Added Regis Herve, Head of Sales SA AP TH Sales New Machines, Krones: “This 500th ErgoBloc installation is proof of enduring trust and collaboration between Krones and PSWRI. We are proud to be a part of their journey and look forward to supporting their continued growth in the Philippines and Asia market.”

PSWRI and Krones have enjoyed a successful partnership for over a decade, built on a shared passion for excellence and a commitment to sustainable growth. Krones’ dedication to not only providing cutting-edge technology but also offering comprehensive service and support throughout the machine’s lifecycle has been instrumental in PSWRI’s continued success.

Concluded Kai Frick, Head of Sales Inside AP Southeast Asia, Krones: “Our motivation at Krones is to develop solutions for our customers that fulfil the highest possible requirements in terms of efficiency, sustainability and product safety. We have also committed ourselves to this endeavour in our target picture.”  For more visit krones.com

David Cox / IDM

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