Accelerate cheese ripening with a preservative free enzyme that maximizes taste and texture

Date: 06.05.2022Source: DSM


The global cheese market is booming.[1] But it’s also changing. Trends around health, sustainability and clean labelling are shaping the industry while taste and texture remain paramount for consumers. These converging – and sometimes competing – trends create a challenging landscape for cheese manufacturers.

Enter enzymes – a popular choice for cheesemakers looking to improve yield, quality, taste, texture, sustainability and more. In fact, you’re probably already using enzymes for coagulation. But did you know enzymes can also be used to enhance cheese ripening?

While these solutions previously caused significant processing, flavor or structural side effects, DSM’s Accelerzyme® CPG has found a way around these historic challenges by accelerating cheese ripening without disturbing its structure. Accelerzyme® CPG enables you to produce cheese with standout tastes and textures irrespective of cheese type, raw milk quality or manufacturing environment.

Accelerzyme® CPG is a unique carboxypeptidase cheese ripening enzyme that accelerates balanced flavor formation in a variety of different cheese types. Now preservative  free to support clean label positioning, Accelerzyme® CPG speeds up the proteolytic break down – in a balanced and specific way – of small peptides and amino acids in the casein-matrix so they are released faster during the ripening process. These broken-down peptides and amino acids are then converted to flavor components. This results in:

  • Optimized taste – Especially effective on highly bitter peptides, reducing bitterness in cheese.
  • Accelerated ripening time – By releasing small peptides and amino acids to accelerate flavor
  • Reduced carbon footprint – By shortening aging time and therefore reducing costs and energy use.

In sensory trials, several cheese types developed with Accelerzyme® CPG, including Cheddar, Gouda, Raclette, Italian cheese types, Manchego and Havarti, had a more mature cheese flavor and less bitterness. To find out how Accelerzyme® CPG can help you accelerate ripening and optimize taste, talk to a member of the DSM team today.

[1] Statista – Market value of cheese worldwide from 2019 to 2027


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