All-in-one cultures for fermented milk using AI platform

Date: 27.10.2022Source: DSM

DSM has today unveiled its first portfolio of all-in-one cultures for fermented milk products developed using its new AI-powered Culture Co-Creation Platform. DSM’s Delvo®ONE portfolio is made up of five cultures offering taste, texture and health benefits – all with built in bioprotection. This full-service culture portfolio was made possible by DSM’s new Culture Co-Creation Platform. Combining DSM’s industry leading expertise with machine learning, the new platform enables yogurt manufacturers and DSM to collaborate on unique solutions that deliver on multiple product targets at the same time.

A first of its kind, DSM’s new Culture Co-Creation Platform connects dairy producers with next generation technology and scientific expertise to create holistic solutions that are designed to be used as one combined solution rather than distinct cultures. The platform improves the accuracy and speed of dairy producers’ new product development by reducing trial complexity during the culture selection process.

The company used this new platform to create its DelvoONE portfolio which features five culture blends that contain starter and bioprotective cultures and optionally probiotic cultures. With built in bioprotection, manufacturers and consumers can benefit from reduced food waste as yogurts stay fresh throughout an extended shelf life. The five culture blends are DelvoONE Alpha and DelvoONE Gamma offering taste, texture and bioprotective benefits; DelvoONE Alpha-B and DelvoONE Gamma-B that also contain the probiotic strain Bifidobacterium animalis lactis Bif-6; and DelvoONE Zeta-C that contains the probiotic strain Lacticaseibacillus casei L26. Each culture blend offers unique benefits and sensory profiles for various yogurt applications. The portfolio will allow customers to better achieve their needs for taste, texture, level of post-acidification, and probiotic cell count with one convenient and cost-effective solution.

Said Sarita Bairoliya, Global Business Manager, DSM: “We are excited to offer customers a simplified culture selection process with five all-in-one blends to help create market leading yogurts. With DSM’s Culture Co-Creation Platform and our new DelvoONE portfolio, we are helping dairy manufacturers gain improved control over the sensory, technical and shelf-life properties of yogurts all at once, saving valuable time and resources. With 100+ years in biotechnology, we have now taken the next step in combining machine learning with DSM’s team of experts. This has helped us uncover new culture combinations – with results that surprised even us! There are billions of possibilities when working with cultures, and we understand that each customer has unique requirements. With DSM’s Culture Co-Creation Platform and the DelvoONE portfolio, together we can identify the right solution faster and increase our chances of success.”  For more visit dsm.com/food-beverage/en_US/markets/dairy/fresh-dairy/delvo-one.html

David Cox / IDM

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