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Date: 27.04.2023Source: Informa Markets

Informa Markets has today announced a new partnership with international civil society organisation Solidaridad as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. Set to launch at this year’s Vitafoods Europe, the partnership aims to raise awareness of Solidaridad’s work in creating sustainable supply chains globally, facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration across the nutrition and food markets, and ultimately help brands source ingredients ethically and sustainably while meeting calls for enhanced supply chain transparency. As part of the new partnership, Solidaridad will host a presentation and exhibit at Vitafoods Europe 2023’s inaugural Sustainability Resource Centre, as well as the upcoming Food Ingredients Europe show in November.

Founded in 1969, Solidaridad aims to promote international co-operation across the value chain in over 40 countries, with a focus on supporting small-scale and family farmers and their communities, as well as workers on farms, in mines, and throughout supply chains. Notably, in 1988 the company founded the Max Havelaar Foundation, launching the first fair trade label for sustainable coffee and helping spark the global fair trade movement. This new partnership between the two companies will create an arena across Informa Markets’ events and digital platforms for Solidaridad to share its expertise, educate the food and nutrition sectors in addressing the critical issues of human rights in ingredients sourcing, sustainability considerations in the supply chain, and share real examples of success stories in the field.

Dedicated to driving sustainable change in the nutrition industry, the new interactive Sustainability Resource Centre at Vitafoods Europe 2023 has been designed to connect sustainability-minded professionals to share insights and innovations and further knowledge of industry challenges to drive transformational change. In addition to hearing from Solidaridad, visitors can access a range of educational content from other industry experts addressing issues of inclusivity and diversity, regulatory compliance, supply chain traceability, carbon offsetting and more. Featuring a dedicated theatre and a packed two-day programme, the launch of the Sustainability Resource Centre offers a unique opportunity for nutraceutical professionals to come together to find inspiration and collaborate to propel the industry forward.

Said Heather Granato, Vice President of Partnerships & Sustainability, Food EMEA, Informa Markets:“Sustainability is at the heart of Vitafoods Europe 2023 – by introducing the new Sustainability Resource Centre, we are aiming to create a unique experience to inspire, foster valuable connections and provide a launchpad from which the global nutraceutical community can drive sustainable change in the industry. We can’t understate the value of sharing expertise from organisations like Solidaridad on these critical issues in this mission. By partnering with Solidaridad, we’re working together to empower the global nutraceutical community to do what’s best for both people and the planet, from farm to shelf and beyond.”  

Added Heske Verburg, Managing Director of Solidaridad Europe: “International collaboration across the value chain is the driving factor of sustainable change. By sharing our vision at Vitafoods Europe and beyond, telling the stories of the people at the heart of our supply chains, and highlighting how we can work together, we can create an economy that works for both business players and small holder farmer communities globally. We’re excited to partner with Informa Markets – a company that values collaboration and innovation as much as we do – to find solutions that enable farmers and workers to earn a living income and shape their own future, allow businesses to produce in balance with nature, and ultimately make sustainable supply chains the standard, everywhere.”  For more visit vitafoods.eu.com/

David Cox / IDM

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