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Date: 11.11.2022Source: SPX FLOW

Wednesday, November 16th 2022
8am UK / 9am Europe / 1:30pm India / 4pm China / 4pm Singapore / 5pm Japan / 5pm Korea / 7pm Australia

Consumer tastes are changing, and processors need to be more flexible than ever to adapt to market trends. Perfecting a new recipe takes time before finding that right balance between texture, taste, appearance and consistency. Rarely do products blend perfectly from the start. Rounds of revisions are necessary to reach the finest flavour, texture, and market expectations, but this should not cost you downtime or money.

From ingredients such as liquids to dry powders, and soluble pastes to coarse grinds, our new APV Flex-Mix™ Pilot Mixer offers a flexible way to test diversified recipes in-house to achieve your new product development objectives.  The recipes and parameters can be replicated on a larger scale accurately, which translate to more efficiency and less cost by not having to shut down an active line for testing.

Featuring small batch functionality, APV Flex-Mix™ Pilot Mixer comes equipped with all the options of a full-scale mixer, enabling atmospheric mixing, vacuum mixing and all-in-one vacuum mixing with heating.   This will help develop recipes for everything from infant formula, ice cream and plant-based products to dressings, sauces and high-protein yogurts. Producers can make a variety of products in small batches, frequently changing the formulations if necessary.

Join our webinar to learn:

How the all-in-one design of Flex-Mix™ Pilot Mixer achieve flexibility
The efficiency and cost saving that Flex-Mix™ Pilot Mixer brings you
Applicable applications for flexible recipe development and innovation

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