APV Homogenizer Water Recycling System

Date: 08.02.2022Source: SPX FLOW

SPX FLOW, Inc.  Has launched a sustainability initiative that drastically reduces the total amount of clean water a homogenizer uses. The Homogenizer Water Recycling System (HWRS) is designed to recycle up to 97% of the water used by homogenizers. Traditionally, a continual flow of water gets supplied to homogenizers to cool the transmission oil and lubricate the plungers. The HWRS technology recaptures that water, sanitizes and chills it, then returns it to the homogenizer.

The amount of water that can be saved depends on the homogenizer, but the HWRS can save up to 7,500 m³ per year.

The HWRS can be used plug-in style with both new and existing homogenizers made by any manufacturer. It’s compact – only 533.4 x 812.8 mm – and if any problems emerge, the HWRS has its own control system, including fail-safe features that would default to fresh water without causing downtime.  For more visit spxflow.com



Roland Sossna / IDM

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