Artificial intelligence and data science to support innovation

Date: 09.02.2023Source: Nestlé

Nestle’ food system is in the middle of a major transformation due to factors such as a growing population and climate change, while affordability has become more important than ever for people around the world. Additionally, food ideologies are rapidly evolving, becoming more diverse and gaining traction for a larger part of the population.

As a global food company with products reaching billions of people around the world, we aim to work faster and more efficiently, while ensuring that our solutions are adapted to the local context and individual needs. With food systems under pressure, we must find ways to manage trade-offs between taste, nutrition, sustainability, and affordability.

Nestlé CTO Stefan Palzer explores how Artificial Intelligence and data science complements our R&D capabilities by helping us effectively handle these steadily increasing complexities, and by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our innovation process so we can continue to deliver novel discoveries today and for generations to come. Read the full blog HERE

David Cox / IDM

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