BENEO invests €50 million

Date: 16.07.2020Source: BENEO




BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers of functional ingredients, has announced a 50 percent production capacity increase at its Wijgmaal facility to cater for rising customer demand for its rice starches. A two-stage expansion process valued at €50 million, will lead to increased capacity by March 2022.


BENEO forecasts that the growing demand for natural and clean label products, in applications such as coated confectionery, will intensify in major existing markets, including Europe and the Americas. Rice is widely considered a familiar and recognizable product, with 61% of consumers worldwide regarding rice starch as natural[i], making it the ideal ingredient for the development of products that respond to the increasing trend for clean and clearer labels.


The Wijgmaal plant has a proud 160-year history in the area and BENEO has been significantly investing in the facility in recent years, to make it a frontrunner in sustainability. A recent investment into its docking station means that the company can now accept two barges at its plant, rather than one. As a result, two-thirds of rice raw material is now received by barge and just one-third by truck.


The facility, which currently employs 180 people, will add up to 20 full-time positions during the course of the expansion, as well as offer further work to maintenance and engineering contractors in the vicinity.


Roland Sossna / IDM

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