BENEO survey  showing ‘Positive Ageing’ is driving demand for healthier nutrition

Date: 29.11.2021Source: BENEO




New research, conducted on behalf of BENEO, reveals that consumers are now even more focused on ‘positive’ ageing. The research, carried out by HealthFocus International, includes an exclusive analysis of the health-conscious 50+ age range[i]. It shows that those aged over 50 want to be able to continue with the activities that they enjoy in their latter years and are increasingly looking to food and drink alternatives to support this goal.


Getting the best out of the present and the future is what drives health-conscious over-50’s. They want to be the best version of themselves that they can be in every life-stage. This means taking control over future health, whilst being fit and healthy enough to enjoy the present, and nutrition plays a significant part in achieving this for them.


For those over-50’s concerned about the issue of healthy ageing, three out of every four (79%) are primarily focused on maintaining their ability to continue with activities as they age. A similar number (76%) see good physical and mental health and a balanced diet as key to overall health. In particular, the importance of nutrition is reflected by the survey results: 42% think a healthy diet helps to coping better with life’s challenges. Three quarters (74%) are making a conscious effort to eat a healthy diet, while more than half (56%) choose food and drink products that provide protective or preventive health benefits. The research findings also show that offering “better nutrition” is one of the top influencing factors to consumers trying a new brand (68%), presenting food and drink manufacturers with a great opportunity to drive purchases by improving the nutrition of their products.


With regard to health benefits, the science is widely recognised by this cohort when it comes to food: 60% agree that they “accept scientific and technical improvements to foods and beverages if they provide the required benefits”. Interestingly, although only between 10-20% of these health-conscious over-50’s are personally affected by digestive health, bone health or blood glucose issues, half of those surveyed are ‘very or extremely concerned’ about such matters. These consumers are actively looking for food and beverage products that support their aim of staying healthy for longer, with more than half choosing products that promote stronger bones, improve digestion or manage blood sugar levels.



[i] HealthFocus International, Global Trends Study, Q1 2020, 22 countries, 12336 interviews (min 500/country). Consumer group: 50+ (HFI made an exclusive analysis for BENEO, based on the study). The identified group of consumers aged 50+ had no children living at home, and showed a specific concern about healthy ageing (=50+ No Kids Healthy Ageing segment).


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Roland Sossna / IDM

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