Bioiberica and Apsen reinforce partnership

Date: 26.04.2021Source: Bioiberica

Bioiberica, a global Life Science company, has partnered with multinational health and pharmaceutical expert, Apsen, to develop an innovative mobility product for the Brazilian market. Apsen’s Motilex HA combines two of Bioiberica’s leading joint health ingredients, b-2Cool native type II collagen and Mobilee – a patented ingredient that synergistically combines a high concentration of hyaluronic acid with polysaccharides and collagen – to effectively maintain joint function and support overall mobility. The launch of Motilex HA follows recent scientific research published in Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, which highlights the benefits of combining Bioiberica’s native (undenatured) type II collagen, b-2Cool, with other key ingredients for joint health, including chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine hydrochloride and Mobilee.

This latest development is born from Bioiberica’s long-standing partnership with Apsen – the companies previously collaborated to produce Motilex, a powdered food supplement containing b-2Cool, which has since become a marketing-leading product – and comes after Mobilee was authorised as a novel food ingredient in Brazil in early 2020.

Said Jaume Reguant, Healthcare Director at Bioiberica: “Following the successful development of Motilex, we recognised an opportunity in the market to leverage our combined technical and market expertise and respond to the growing trend for holistic mobility solutions. Rather than focusing on joints and muscles in isolation, we’ve worked closely with Apsen to expand its range and create a new product which uses a powerful combination of hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides, and collagen in the form of Mobilee, alongside native type II collagen to provide health-conscious consumers with an effective solution that supports overall mobility and enables them to achieve their health goals.”

Added Kleber Vargas, Vice President of New Business at Apsen: “Brazil is a priority market for both Apsen and Bioiberica, where Motilex, containing b-2Cool, is currently the market leader. The mobility market continues to evolve rapidly in the region and it’s for this reason that we choose to partner with organisations, like Bioiberica, which can support us in the development of cutting-edge solutions with market standout through the provision of high-quality, science-backed ingredients.”

As part of its mission to provide holistic, on-trend mobility solutions, Bioiberica continues to seek collaboration with global partners, through which it can share extensive marketing, regulatory and scientific knowledge and help facilitate brands in bringing exciting new products to the market. For more visit bioiberica.com

David Cox / IDM

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