Changing the narrative

Date: 01.06.2022Source: IDM

John Allen (screenshot) of the British agricultural consultancy Kite Consulting pointed out on 31 May at the IFCN Dairy Conference 2022 | Next Generation of Dairy Farming & Dairy Farmer that sustainability can well be looked at the other way round. If you look at the nutrients produced per kg of CO2 emissions, whole milk and WMP perform about 16 times better than the dairy alternatives that are so much hyped for their alleged sustainability.

Addressing how to communicate dairy production to the particularly ethically-minded Generation Z, Allen recommended simply flipping the narrative. Plant-based products are industrialised from the start, with production in the hands of big business. The long-term health and environmental impacts of plant-based alternatives are not at all known. In contrast, natural food production methods such as dairy farming are inherently safe and are usually in the hands of family farms that pass on their knowledge and expertise from generation to generation.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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