Citrus fibre: your source of stability in supply-challenged times

Date: 19.12.2022Source: CP Kelco

NUTRAVA® Citrus Fiber is upcycled from sustainably sourced citrus peels, a plentiful byproduct of the large citrus juice industry near the CP Kelco plant in Brazil. This next-generation ingredient supports dietary fibre intake and offers unique water-holding, texturising and stabilisation capabilities. With an abundant, nature-based raw material supply available, NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber is well-positioned to help solve formulation challenges.

With hyper-inflation, it makes good financial sense to get the most out of ingredients in short supply. However, formulators should be careful not to adjust product recipes by adding too much water. Consumer watchdog groups have begun tracking product changes online and are warning the public about ‘skimpflation’ when water becomes a top ingredient listed on the package label.

Instead, say the experts at CP Kelco, consider an ingredient that can help meet good-for-you expectations. Deliver similar taste, texture and mouthfeel with an easily recognisable ingredient that also has the benefit of supporting dietary fibre intake. It can help you simplify your ingredient deck and optimise formulation costs. For example, NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber’s water-holding capacity and oil-binding features can support the reduction of oil and reduction or complete replacement of egg in a variety of baked goods. Citrus fibre also does not require special handling and refrigerated storage like eggs do.

Citrus fibre complements fruit flavours and a great pulp or juice extender in beverages, including acidified protein and fruit-based drinks. As a fiber ingredient, it can also support sugar reduction by providing body and mouthfeel. In dairy and dairy alternative beverages, NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber supports stability, suspension, body and texture. In tomato sauce, our internal lab studies show that NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber can help reduce use of tomato solids up to 25% .

With its unique blend of soluble and insoluble fibre, NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber also supports water-holding capacity and can act as a full or partial starch alternative in a variety of dairy, sauces, condiments, baked goods and plant-based alternative applications. Because it retains a high pectin content, NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber provides gelling and thickening in fruit preparations. In spoonable and drinking yogurt alternatives, it can support stability, suspension, body and texture.

NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber can be utilised in combination with KELCOGEL® Gellan Gum to reduce or act as an alternative to supply-challenged locust bean gum or xanthan gum in formulating dairy alternative beverages by providing both suspension and mouthfeel. In addition, NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber can be used as a replacement for locust bean gum in cream cheese and neutral protein beverages. When looking for a replacement for xanthan gum in salad dressing, sauces and baked goods, NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber is also a strong replacement solution. For more visit cpkelco.com


David Cox / IDM

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