Complaint against Fage’s greenfield project in the Netherlands

Date: 20.06.2023Source: Boerderij

Greek yoghurt producer Fage wants to build a new factory on the Riegmeer industrial estate in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands. Several submissions have been made against the permits, which the province of Drenthe has yet to grant. One of these is from DOC Kaas, which is located on the neighbouring Buitenvaart industrial estate in Hoogeveen.


DOC Kaas states that companies are required to make their operations sustainable in order to reduce CO2 emissions. DOC Kaas notes that the permit application for Fage’s factory does not sufficiently describe how the company intends to achieve this. This could lead to economic benefits for the Greek company.


The application proposes that Fage’s factory will be heated with a boiler fuelled by natural gas. It is also possible to heat the water electrically and not use gas for this. It is unclear whether a careful consideration has been made between using a gas-fired system or an electric system to reduce CO2 emissions, according to DOC.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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