Coval covers all industry needs with its range of vacuum chambers

Date: 17.05.2022Source: Coval

Coval, with its complete range of vacuum chambers, can be applied at various points along the whole production chain, from the manipulation of individual objects to palletising a full layer at the end of the line. The range includes 3 complementary series, starting with the ultra-compact CVGC models, designed from carbon specifically for cobots. Further in the range is the CVGL series of compact and lightweight chambers for robots. At the top end is the MVG modular series, which is fully configurable.

The CVGC carbon vacuum chamber is not just an adaptation of an existing product, but a plug and play product designed 100% for the various cobot models, The lightness of the CVGC due to its carbon material (the smallest model weighs less than 1 kg) facilitates the optimum use of collaborative robots and preserves their lifting capacity. The vacuum generator, control cartridge, vacuum switch and silencer are grouped together in a compact function block. The CVGCs are versatile, with a foam grip interface suitable for many materials and available in three sizes: 150 x 150 mm, 240 x 120 mm and 320 x 160 mm.

Said Stéphane Garcia, Marketing and Communication Manager, Coval “The attachment Interfaces and connectivity are adapted to the particular cobot model in each case, which means that the CVGC fits on all types of cobots. “

To match the application requirements perfectly, the CVGL range of vacuum chambers is available in 3 standard lengths (424, 624 and 824 mm) or a custom length, and a fixed width of 120 mm, with 3 gripping interface technologies (foam, suction cups and COVAL-flex), 3 suction powers and an integrated or remote generator. They offer a vacuum handling solution suited to parts of various sizes, weights and materials.

The MVG modular vacuum gripper, which is mainly used for heavy payload robots and palletizers, offers the possibility of configuring a gripper that is perfectly adapted to each application, for loads of several hundred kg. To achieve this result, major developments have been carried out and patented.

Added Garcia: “Coval has been recognised for over 35 years as one of the world’s specialists in systems and components for vacuum gripping. Our products are renowned for their quality and reliability. Our added value also lies in our teams of specialists who support our customers in the technical definition of the solution that precisely meets their needs and constraints.”

Coval supports manufacturers in various sectors: automotive, aeronautics, packaging, agri-food or plastics.  For more visit coval.fr

David Cox / IDM

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