Dairy ad spendings in Germany

Date: 22.07.2021Source: Nielsen

In 2020, €259.1m was invested in dairy product advertising in Germany. The entire food industry spent € 2.16bn on its advertising, which was 6.2% of the total advertising market. The so-called “share of voice”, i.e. the share of the total advertising volume, was 0.7% for the dairy industry and thus below average. However, two-thirds of the milk product group’s sales and 53.5% of its turnover are in the entry-level price bracket, which puts the comparatively low advertising expenditure into perspective.

Dairy ad spendings (rounded), €m
  White Assortment Yellow Assortment Total
2015 190.1 173.9 364
2016 169.6 163.3 332.8
2017 163.9 160 323.9
2018 n.a. n.a. n.a.
2019 133.3 160 292.9
2020 103.2 155.9 259.1

Rudolf Vocht

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