dDrei milk extra rich in vitamin D launched

Date: 21.07.2021Source: dDrei Milchkristalle

A new “dDrei milk” provides vitamin D in a natural way. The manufacturer is dDrei Milchkristalle GmbH in Germany. By irradiating the cows in the barn, the milk is up to 20 times richer in vitamin D compared to the conventional product. During the day, the lighting mimics the natural full spectrum of sunlight. Through this and a special feeding, the cows accumulate vitamin D. The process has been patented.

Bottled at Immergut, the UHT product is available in exclusively the online shop of dDrei Milchkristalle for a phenomenal €2.95/l. One glass of that milk is enough to carry a RDI dose of vitamin D.

In 2016, the company tried to launch a milk milked at night with a particularly high melatonin content. However, the product did not succeed, also because no health claims were permitted for its declaration.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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