Emmi sets new sustainability targets and a netZERO 2050 vision

Date: 23.02.2021Source: Emmi

Emmi announces progress towards its sustainability goals and raises the bar with new targets including water usage reduction. Beyond further lowering its environmental impacts, Emmi is also expanding its goal to drive sustainable milk production and positive change in the global dairy eco-system. Further, Emmi is including new reduction targets across its entire value chain and turning to a science-based emissions reduction pathway with a netZERO 2050 vision. These commitments are evidence of Emmi’s belief that long-term success is dependent on sustainable growth and collective action.

  • Emmi has shown good progress on its 2020 sustainability goals, with over 93% of Emmi’s Swiss milk processed according to the swissmilk green standard, emissions cut by 24% and waste by 10%
  • Emmi has set new 2027 targets across 5 key areas: Sustainable milk, Employee development, Reducing emissions, Reducing waste, Reducing water use
  • Emmi is committing to set Science Based Targets (SBTi) for reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the value chain (Scopes 1, 2 & 3) while embracing a netZERO 2050 vision

Drawing on its legacy and based on its responsible business model, Emmi is stepping up and widening its sustainability efforts with new 2027 targets. To ensure future generations get to enjoy the goodness of dairy, Emmi is also embracing a netZERO 2050 vision in line with the goal of the 2015 UN Paris Agreement to limit global warming.

Says Urs Riedener, CEO Emmi Group: “Our long-term success is dependent on sustainable growth and a healthy planet. As an important player in the dairy industry, we aim to positively influence our sector, balancing economic, social and ecological aspects while stepping up our own sustainable practices. That’s why we are setting ambitious new targets on sustainably sourced milk and emissions reductions all along our value chain while committing to Science Based Targets. Importantly, we are also turning to a netZERO 2050 vision, helping us preserve the goodness of dairy for future generations while continuing to generate value in rural communities.”  For more visit emmi.com

David Cox / IDM

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