First citrus flavors not derived from citrus oil

Date: 11.10.2022Source: IFF

IFF announced a breakthrough innovation: IFF NEO. This portfolio of natural flavors delivers maximum citrus taste impact without using citrus oil, or any ingredient derived from the oil. Featuring complete citrus flavors from orange, lemon, lime to grapefruit and mandarin, IFF NEO offers beverage manufacturers more stable supply, while reducing price volatility and environmental impact.


“IFF NEO reinforces IFF’s leadership position and expertise in citrus flavor development and ingredients,” said Marcus Pesch, global vice president for IFF’s RE-IMAGINE and RE-MASTER innovation programs. “The essence of the brand is its name, short for ‘no essential oil.’ These unique citrus flavor solutions are yet another way we’re innovating for our customers and make a great addition to our already extensive portfolio.”


Environmental pressures, disease and pests can substantially affect global citrus crop yields and fruit quality. This in turn, can impact the quality of citrus, create supply-side challenges and impact cost. “We’re alleviating global citrus sourcing challenges, offering our customers great-tasting, natural flavors with citrus taste that are more readily available,” said Karel Coosemans, global leader for IFF’s RE-MASTER CITRUS innovation program. “Our game-changing supply stability also removes the price volatility commonly seen with citrus-derived products.”


The IFF NEO collection of natural citrus flavors is developed for beverage applications and works equally well in liquid and dry formulations. Built using proprietary materials and technologies, IFF NEO citrus flavors are highly concentrated yet entirely free of citrus-derived molecules. Labeled as natural flavors, they are readily soluble in beverage applications and have greater stability than citrus-oil derived flavors, enabling a longer shelf life.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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