Food as a rediscovered form of comfort

Date: 12.08.2020Source: Agrana Fruit

As part of its 2020 Consumer Megatrend, Live Intense, AGRANA Fruit has published a new entry on its trendblog which focuses on comfort food and its ability to help consumers overcome feelings of anxiety, especially during uncertain times like this.

Comfort food is a very individualised concept as everyone’s definition of comfort food is different. However, a common thread is that when consumers seek comfort in food, they often pay less attention to its nutritional value and caloric count and focus more on its ability to provide pleasure and an experience. During COVID-19, 56% of consumers globally bought more comfort food compared to pre-COVID-19 levels of purchasing. In the Americas, this consumer segment is even higher at more than 60% (Source: FMCG Gurus). This shows that consumers do turn to food to help them cope with feelings of anxiety and stress caused by lock-down measures and movement restrictions all over the world, as well as the uncertainty caused by an economic downturn. As a result, this creates many opportunities that food manufacturers, retailers and food service operators can tap on to provide comfort to consumers through food.

To respond to this growing trend, AGRANA Fruit offers its customers a wide range of solutions for delivering comfort through food by offering solutions for snacking, indulgence and affordable treats which evoke nostalgia and give consumers a multi-sensory experience through incorporating different textures. To read the full trendblog, visit: international.trendblog.agrana.com/en/af-fruit-trends/comfort-food/

David Cox / IDM

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