Fruit preparations help improve the Nutri-score of food products

Date: 17.06.2022Source: Agrana Fruit

As part of AGRANA Fruit’s latest Consumer Megatrends ‘Seek Control’ the company has published its trendblog which focuses on ‘Strategies to improve the Nutri-score of food products.

According to Euromonitor, better-for-you food & beverage products are forecast to grow by 4.6% in value globally between 2021 and 2026 as consumers look for solutions helping them lead a healthier lifestyle.

Nutri-score is a nutrition label and scoring system for the nutritional quality of food and is used by many international food companies.

There are several ways of improving the Nutri-score of food products for example, by  improving the nutritional profile of the product by adding protein, fiber, vitamins or minerals. AGRANA Fruit’s preparations are often used as a ‘vehicle’ to implement these nutritional strategies. Other examples where the Nutri-score of food products can be significantly improved is by increasing the protein quantity and improving the protein quality within plant-based dairy alternatives.

Said Stephan Büttner, CEO, AGRANA Fruit: “With our longstanding expertise in fruit preparation and access to a wide array of ingredients and technologies across our plants, we can support our partners by delivering the most nutritive and delicious fruit preparations”  To find out more visit  our latest trendblog:

David Cox / IDM

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