Functional foods for the active consumer

Date: 17.04.2023Source: AGRANA (photo: iStock)

According to AGRANA Fruit’ latest trendblog, consumers’ mental and emotional wellbeing is at the centre of health nowadays. Across Italy, Poland, France, and Spain more than 50% of consumers are looking for ways to boost energy since the Covid-19 pandemic whereas in the US maintaining energy levels has become a priority for 41% of adults. (Source: Mintel 2023). Therefore to power through the day and keep energy levels high consumers often turn to functional foods. This consumer demand creates great innovation opportunities for the Food & Beverage industry. Companies can offer consumers functional foods by creating dairy products with energising and mental health benefits, using functional ingredients combined with fruit.

AGRANA Fruit enriches its dairy products in two ways – using micronutrients such as Vitamins A, B or C as well as by the use of botanical ingredients such as ginseng, matcha, curcuma or ginger in fruit preparations. The two approaches can also be combined to achieve the energy positioning while simultaneously enriching the taste and feel of the yogurts. These functional preparations can also enhance the health perception of dairy products.

Said Stephan Büttner, CEO, AGRANA Fruit: “Our global innovation teams in 21 countries are always monitoring the market for the latest functional ingredients and new trends to co-create products with our customers that consumers are looking for.”  For more visit our latest trendblog

David Cox / IDM

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