GEA inaugurates technology center for alternative protein industry

Date: 13.06.2023Source: GEA
 One of GEA’s first customers in the New Food Application and Technology Center of Excellenc  is Imagindairy, a scale-up from Israel (photo: GEA, Mike Henning)



GEA has inaugurated the New Food Application and Technology Center of Excellence (ATC) in Hildesheim, Germany, as a central hub for piloting processes and products for the alternative protein industry. The shift to plant-based foods, cultivated meat and products such as microbially produced dairy proteins promises to feed future generations in a climate-friendly way. At the new technology center, GEA’s new food experts will be using a cell cultivation and fermentation pilot line to fast-track innovations from the lab to commercial-scale manufacturing. The new testing platform at the ATC bridges the gap between the test bench and industrial-scale production without customers having to invest in large-scale plant from the outset.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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