Givaudan Foundation publishes its 2021 Activity Report

Date: 24.03.2022Source: Givaudan Foundation

The Givaudan Foundation has published its 2021 Activity Report which illustrates how it endeavours to create a positive impact for people and Communities. It provides an update on its support to initiatives for education, health and environment preservation in communities where Givaudan sources natural ingredients as well as those where Givaudan employees work.

In 2021, the Foundation continued caring for communities and nature around the world by supporting an increasing number of projects in what has remained a challenging global context. As a result of this increase and the diversification of its programmes, the number of its partners has grown and so have the geographical spread of the projects and the diversity of benefits they bring.

In such unpredictable times, mutual trust, focus and flexibility have been its guide, and the Foundation has worked hand-in-hand with its partners to ensure that the 67 projects across all regions of the world, from Madagascar to India, Brazil, Lebanon, Thailand, Australia, France or the UK could continue despite the hurdles encountered thus keeping their initial objectives in mind and adapting to unavoidable delays.

The Foundations commitment to communities and to the natural environment echoes the sentiment behind Givaudan’s brand identity expressed in its tagline ‘Human by nature’ and we look forward to continuing to walk along the same road in the years to come. For more visit givaudan-foundation.org

David Cox / IDM

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