Granular lecithin makes waves in the food and beverage industry  

Date: 13.10.2022Source: Novastell


Speciality phospholipid and lecithin supplier, Novastell has launched a range of lecithin granules, namely Soycithin G97 IP and Suncithin G96 for use in the development of food and beverage products.

In fluid form, lecithin contains approximately 40% oil as triglycerides. When the residual oily fraction is removed, deoiled lecithin is obtained in powder form, which turn can be processed into granules.

Novastell currently offers two different lecithin granules that are derived from vegetal origin. Traditional soy lecithin, Soycithin G97 IP, is a non-GMO ingredient that offers full traceability while Suncithin G96 is prepared from sunflower lecithin. This ingredient is GMO-free and not considered an allergen – making it ideal for clean label formulations.



Roland Sossna / IDM

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