Halved water and power consumption

Date: 20.03.2023Source: GEA


GEA reduces water and power consumption during the cleaning of membrane filtration plants by up to 50 percent with two new digital tools. The software duo, GEA Smart Filtration CIP and GEA Smart Filtration Flush, automatically intervene in CIP (cleaning-in-place) processes, pulsing the pumps and flushing the membranes individually and according to real-time water quality.

GEA Smart Filtration Flush uses sensors to constantly measure the permeate quality of the water during the flushing process, reducing the freshwater required. Setting blanket rinsing intervals and water quantities in advance are no longer needed as the software stops the process as soon as the necessary hygiene level is reached, and the cleaning agents are discharged. Depending on the type and size of the plant and the water properties, operators can reduce their freshwater requirements by up to 50 percent. The second software module, GEA Smart Filtration CIP, is a software module that regulates cleaning efficiency. It causes the pumps to operate in a pulsating manner as opposed to running continuously. As a result, the pumps consume up to 50 percent less energy during the CIP process.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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