Highly recommended report: World market for mozzarella cheese 2000-2030

Date: 19.10.2023Source: PM FOOD & DAIRY CONSULTING



The world cheese market has been expanding dynamically for the last three decades with growth of production, export, and consumption in the established dairy markets. Production and import of cheese have also increased in the emerging dairy markets in South America, Asia, Africa, and Russia.

A large part of the overall growth is caused by the fast-growing production of fresh cheese and especially mozzarella cheese.

The objective of a new report by PM FOOD & DAIRY CONSULTING is to analyze the world market for fresh cheese with special focus on mozzarella. This includes global production and consumption and in the different regions of the world. Production and consumption per country is also analyzed where there are reliable statistics. In some countries the figures are best estimates made by PM Food & Dairy Consulting. The same is the case for trade figures for mozzarella.

The report also identifies the major producers of mozzarella cheese in the world. They are concentrated in Europe, North America, and Oceania. The companies are also analyzed and evaluated in relation to performance and future possibilities.

The report also includes analysis of the emerging market for plant-based mozzarella. Will the penetration of these products become a threat for the traditional milk-based mozzarella or will it expand the overall demand for mozzarella. The reaction from the dairy industry will also be analyzed. Finally, the development in the world market for mozzarella cheese until 2030 is evaluated.

The most comprehensive report (checked by IDM editorial staff) is sold for €1,500, more info at www.pmfood.dk

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Roland Sossna / IDM

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