Huge organised liquid milk fraud

Date: 17.04.2023Source: agrarheute

In Miami, police have arrested six suspects who are said to have stolen milk from McArthur Dairy on a large scale. Under the name “Operation Got Milk,” the defendants looted around $925,000 worth of milk and $350,000 worth of milk crates since 2021. In total, the six people captured a value of around $1.275m. Authorities say the suspects are employees of milk distributor Island Dairy, which sells some of McArthur Dairy’s milk products. According to the authorities, the accused had changed the ordering system in such a way that small additional quantities of liquid milk and milk products were repeatedly loaded onto the delivery vans. The goods were then handed over to another driver at an agreed meeting point off the actual route. So that the theft would not be exposed, the suspects only stole small amounts for months from October 2021 to March 2023. Only now, after internal investigations, did Island Dairy uncover irregularities and then inform the police. With the help of video recordings of the handing over of the products, the suspects could now be found and identified. They were charged with grand larceny and organised fraud.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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