Innovation in Lactoferrin production unveiled at Vitafoods Europe

Date: 26.06.2023Source: Mercurius Production GmbH / Colostrum BioTec GmbH

Mercurius Production GmbH and Colostrum BioTec GmbH made a significant impact at the recent Vitafoods Europe exhibition in Geneva, the two companies having successfully presented the world’s first liquid lactoferrin that remains shelf-stable at room temperature without the need for any added preservatives.

This groundbreaking product is set to revolutionise lactoferrin supplementation and unlock new possibilities for diverse applications. It is available in convenient 6 ml flavoured shots for consumers and comes in 125 ml bottles, while also being offered in 20 l pouches as an ingredient for various industry applications. The introduction of this liquid lactoferrin marks a significant milestone in the nutraceutical sector and is substantiates the power of collaboration.

Said Florian Müller Chairman of the Extended Executive Board of Colostrum Biotec: “We are thrilled with the response we received at Vitafoods Europe 2023 and are excited to introduce this groundbreaking product to the market.”

Added Steffen Schmidt, Managing Director of Mercurius Production: “This is a significant achievement for the Lactoferrin industry, and we look forward to seeing the impact it will have.”  For more visit mercurius-production.com/contact

David Cox / IDM

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