Instantisation with organic lecithins from Europe

Date: 17.06.2021Source: AgroHorizon


Ireland-based special lecithin supplier AgroHorizon Lecithin & Solutions Ltd has developed organic Lecithins to be used for the instantisation of organic powder products. The products are called Agrolec LVL-5 BIO and Agrolec LVL-8 BIO, which are different in viscosity to allow different temperature profiles while applying to the powder.

The following advantages result:

– Use focused on organic whole milk powder and organic infant formula, also organic whey- and milk-proteins.

– Complete manufacturing process of organic Lecithin in Europe.

– Excellent traceability of the organic raw materials.

– Low viscosities for spraying on dairy – agglomerates depending on the preferred temperature profile (see graph).

– The Lecithins are highly filtered. No clogging of spraying nozzles.

– Stable storage of the Lecithins at room temperature.

– Packaging in 1000 l IBC, 200 l steel drum or by arrangement.

– Compliance with EU regulation 848/2018 and all amendments.


More information:  www.agrohorizon.com

Roland Sossna / IDM

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