Introducing Eaton’s new double-layer stacked disc cartridges

Date: 01.06.2020Source: Eaton Filtration

In coarse, fine and microbial removal filtration, depth filters have demonstrated their excellent ability to efficiently remove particles from liquids. The Filtration Division of energy management company Eaton has launched the BECODISC BXS and BX3 ranges for users who want to be able to carry out pre-filtration and fine filtration at specifically adapted retention rates using just one unit.

Two-step filtration in a single housing

The filter cells of the new double-layer stacked disc cartridges consist of two different depth filter sheets, the first of which has a coarser retention rate than the second. Coarser particles are therefore captured by the first filter sheet, while finer particles are captured by the second filter sheet. The stacked disc cartridges are available in diameters of 12″ and 16″. A shorter version of the stacked disc cartridges, just 185 mm (seven inches) in height, is also available. This allows users to install three of the shorter stacked disc cartridges in a two-fold standard housing.

The individual filter cells in the new BX3 range consist of high-performance BECOPAD. Premium depth filter sheets made from high-purity cellulose.

Explains Hans Peter Discher, Product Manager Filter Media for Eaton’s Filtration Division: “The low charge-related adsorption of this range is particularly beneficial for manufacturers of wine, beer, fruit juices and spirits, as well as customers in the food industry. The colour and taste of the product are preserved during filtration. The new range offers decisive advantages, such as an economical service life thanks to the ability to carry out two-step filtration in a single unit, the resulting space savings, and short set-up times while maintaining maximum performance.”

The new BXS range combines the depth filter sheets of the BECO Standard or CPS ranges, offering almost complete coverage of retention ranges from 30 to 0.1 µm, thus enabling users to precisely adapt the settings to meet their specific needs. It is characterised by its excellent clarification performance for reliable removal from particles to microorganisms while also maintaining a long service life. The perfectly balanced ratio of surface and depth filtration, as well as the adsorption performance of the system play a decisive role in this. The double-layer BXS stacked disc cartridges help guarantee economic filtration, shorter process times and simple handling. All standard stacked disc cartridges weigh less than 25 kg (55 lbs) when wet, which helps to keep workers and the workplace safe.

Eaton’s Filtration Division is a leader in liquid filtration that can help companies improve product quality, increase manufacturing efficiency, protect employees and equipment, and help achieve sustainability goals. Eaton employees around the world make a difference for their customers by creating an exceptional customer experience, solving problems with application expertise and developing innovative filtration solutions. Eaton’s filtration products are manufactured and sold worldwide. For more information, visit Eaton.com/filtration

David Cox / IDM

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