Investor day reinforces investor confidence

Date: 04.08.2022Source: Yili Group

On July 28, 2022, dairy giant Yili Group hosted an Investor Day under the theme ‘Create Value, Gather Momentum’ for nearly 200 investors at its headquarters in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China when investors held in-depth exchanges with Yili’s management team regarding insights into the future development trends of the global dairy industry.

Said Mr. Pan Gang, Chairman and President, Yili Group:  “We pool together quality resources worldwide not only to strengthen ourselves as the industry leader but also to share these resources with our partners across the industrial chain to help them further bolster their competitive advantages, thereby achieving value symbiosis.”

Milk sources are the lifeline of dairy producers. During the event, Yili introduced the company’s layout plans and key advantages in terms of milk sources. Having focused on developing milk sources for many years from an early stage, Yili now enjoys the world’s strongest milk source supply. To date, of all the dairy farms located within China’s ‘golden milk source belt,’ 85% are Yili’s suppliers.

Thanks to these high-quality milk sources, Yili’s products have incredibly high levels of market competitiveness. With key products such as AMBPOMIAL Yogurt and Satine pure milk, with annual sales of more than RMB 20 billion, Yili’s liquid milk business securely occupies the top position in the domestic market. Yili’s ice cream business has also successfully maintained its leading position in this segment for 28 consecutive years while continuously strengthening its competitive advantages.

While Yili’s leading milk source advantages and steadily expanding core businesses have kept investors confident about the company’s performance, their expectations have also been kept high due to Yili’s rapidly emerging milk powder business. From January to May 2022, Yili’s infant formula milk powder business expanded by over 20% across all channels, with the maternal and infant channel achieving a growth rate of 30%, exceeding that of all other players in the industry. Retaining its leading position, Yili’s adult formula milk powder business ranks first in terms of its growth momentum among all top adult formula milk powder brands. Yili’s Cute Star Kid’s Formula Milk Powder also recorded a growth rate of 205%.

Yili’s operating revenue in 2021 reached RMB 110.595 billion, up 14.15% year-on-year, making Yili the first Asian dairy company with an operating revenue exceeding RMB 100 billion. With the Yili Future Intelligence and Health Valley having entered into operation and Yili’s second growth curve underpinned by the emerging milk powder business, Yili will make significant headway in further improving its overall operating efficiency. Injecting new momentum into the digital transformation of the global dairy industry, Yili will bring about robust, solid growth that will benefit investors in the long run. For more visit yili.com

David Cox / IDM

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