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Date: 04.06.2024Source: Balchem

Balchem will showcase its expertise in trendy beverages and nutritious foods at IFT First 2024. Under the spotlight will be the latest addition to the company’s portfolio, VitalBlend™ Oat 2540 – a cold-water soluble creamer unveiled for the first time at the show. The company will also showcase its beverage system offerings, a selection of ingredients to help brands create solutions that balance superior sensory profiles and added nutritional benefits.

To help brands tap into consumer needs for solutions that not only quench thirst but also provide multiple health benefits, at IFT First, Balchem will reveal its new VitalBlend™ Oat 2540. Offering outstanding cold-water solubility, this first-of-a-kind creamer delivers smooth texture and a creamy mouthfeel, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

Attendees at the show can learn more about Balchem’s expertise in formulating next-generation beverage solutions during the talk ‘Enhancing Solubility: Innovative Cold-Water Solutions for Product Development’ hosted by Balchem’s Angela Yin, Account Manager – Human Nutrition & Health, and Tammy Thompson Associate Scientist – Human Nutrition & Health on Monday 15 July from 11am to 11:15am at the Exhibit Hall – Taste of Science (Booth 5212). The experts will demonstrate the unique performance of the company’s portfolio, navigating factors crucial for enhancing solubility across various applications.

In 2023, protein stood out as the most sought-after nutrient among US consumers, with around 67% prioritising its intake. However, with 33% of global users being concerned about the texture of high-protein snacks, mastering the art of taste and mouthfeel is key. Balchem aims to address this concern with Z-Crisps®, extruded collagen crisps developed to elevate the formulation of multifunctional high-protein bars by combining the textural benefit of crispiness with added skin health benefits. Plus, the company will also present MeatShure®, encapsulated acids and salt that increase production capacity and minimise protein extraction. For brands seeking new co-development opportunities, the company’s team will be on hand to discuss how to incorporate protein into beverages using Injoy™ Beverage Systems, designed to help manufacturers overcome formulation challenges, improving taste, mouthfeel and more.

Said Ria Dake, Senior Business Director, Balchem Human Nutrition and Health: “People are leading increasingly busy lives while also taking a more proactive approach to their health, driving demand for convenient and nutritious products. But creating foods and beverages that tick all the boxes is easier said than done. With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we support our customers every step of the way – from ideation through commercialisation. As a complete ingredient system supplier, we’re able to meet specific development needs with maximum flexibility, collaborating with our clients to craft tailored solutions while ensuring a reliable supply chain.”  For more visit Balchem at IFT First, Chicago – 14th to 17th July, stand #4048 or at balchem.com

David Cox / IDM

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