Leading the transition to new standards in Africa

Date: 12.02.2024Source: SACMI

From 12th to 14th March 2024, SACMI will be a major exhibitor at the three-day ProPak East Africa fair in Nairobi (Kenya) from 12th – 14th March, an event expected to draw 6,000 visitors from all over the continent.

Africa’s leading partner-supplier of cap and preform machines, the Group is leading the continent’s transition towards new neck-cap standards such as the 26/22 mm.

SACMI has a solid, far-reaching presence in Africa for four good reasons:

  • In the 26/22 mm family, SACMI provides the widest range on the market. Water, CSD, hot-fill, with both tethered and traditional tamper bands: our solutions meet every possible production requirement and are certified by leading international brand owners.

The SACMI Rigid Packaging Lab’s unrivalled expertise provides customers with close support, helping them identify the solution that best matches their production requirements and their new product design/development needs.

  • SACMI smooths the path towards green packaging simply and profitably. How? For example, by pairing development of the tethered standard with band slitting in post processing, thus giving producers who work with international brands the utmost versatility, even where the tethered standard is not yet mandatory.
  • From the idea for the product… to all the technology needed to make it. More and more customers on the African market are choosing to make a parallel investment in the CCM compression press for caps and the IPS injection press for preforms so they can reap the rewards of working with a reliable sole partner like SACMI. CCM+IPS offers a winning combination, especially in light of SACMI’s recent decision to extend compatibility with third-party molds to the entire IPS range.
  • SACMI develops vision systems – both embedded in the machines and stand-alone – for every stage of the process. The IPS preform press with an embedded PVS156 inspection system is in a class of its own; more generally, using specific systems for each stage of production shifts quality control from the product to the process. What’s more, these systems can be installed on existing plants. For more visit the SACMI stand at ProPak East Africa or at sacmi.com

David Cox / IDM

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