Lidl targets protein transition

Date: 12.06.2023Source: Boerderij

Lidl Netherlands has set a concrete target for the protein transition for the year 2030. By then, the supermarket chain wants 50% of the proteins sold to be of plant origin and no more than 50% to consist of animal proteins. Currently, the ratio is 38 % vegetable and 62 % animal.

In recent years, Lidl has greatly expanded its range of vegetarian and vegan products. In addition, Lidl actively seeks lower prices for these products. Nevertheless, Lidl sees that more needs to be done to reach its goal and will therefore increase the visibility and findability of its meat substitute products. Starting this week, Lidl will launch a pilot project in 70 shops where some of the meat substitutes will be displayed right next to the meat product. For three months, the impact on purchases will be studied. Interviews with customers will also be conducted. The prices for these meat substitutes are also significantly lower than those of the meat products.

For this pilot project, Lidl is collaborating with Wageningen University and the World Resource Institute. The results will be published after the pilot, including a scientific report.


Roland Sossna / IDM

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