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Sales of Weight Management products, globally estimated at USD 17.6 billion in 2019 and growing, is unsurprisingly correlated with overweight and obesity rates. With an increasing number of people worldwide classified as overweight or obese, the potential for Weight Management products appears significant. In addition, a growing number of people are taking a greater interest in own health and wellbeing, realizing the health risks associated with obesity. Also concerned with wellbeing is the ever-growing number of ageing consumers across the world. A key focus of this Healthy Ageing trend is maintaining energy, strength and function as ageing is associated with frailty, loss of muscle and strength, i.e. sarcopenia.


The major product category in Weight Management come in the form of meal replacements such as powders or bars designed to provide a complete nutritional, calorie-reduced meal. Healthy Ageing products typically come in nutritional, ready-to-drink format to supplement their diet with key nutrients like protein, calcium and certain vitamins and minerals.

Herbalife is the major player in Weight Management with their Formula 1 meal replacement brand being its main product. Abbott is a key player in Healthy Ageing with its Ensure and Glucerna brands, having successfully transitioned products from a Clinical Nutrition positioning to being available for purchase in stores and online. Nestlé is another major player with its Boost brand with other Weight Management players being Atkins Nutritionals (Simply Good Foods), Glanbia and Beachbody.


Protein plays a key role in Weight Management and Healthy Ageing with combined usage of dairy and plant proteins currently estimated at more than 100,000 MT. per annum. In Weight Management, protein is a critical component in maintaining lean muscle mass while trying to lose fat with certain protein types also marketed as promoting satiety to help stick to a diet. Weight Management products often label protein content on the face of the product along with calorie and sugar content, the latter due to sugar now widely considered the main culprit of obesity. In Healthy Ageing, protein is also a crucial component preventing age-related muscle loss and preserve strength as we age.

Weight management consumers are generally less fussy than sports nutrition consumers in terms of the type of protein consumed with whey protein considered the premium muscle building protein. However, in weight management and healthy ageing products, milk proteins and caseinates are more common given their properties as a slowly digested protein, providing a sustained release of protein to the body over time, and promoting satiety. Plant-based proteins are also used significantly in Weight Management and Healthy Ageing products alongside with dairy proteins. Soy proteins are common, whereas other plant-based proteins such as pea and rice proteins have only more recently emerged.


The report provides an overview of the current and future global market for dairy and plant-based proteins in Weight Management and Healthy Ageing. It is global in scope and with the following headlines:


o             Market size and growth by product category and region/country

o             Key market developments, drivers and trends

o             Major players, brands, market shares and distribution channels

o             Major whey-, milk- and plant protein processors

o             Protein ingredient volumes and trends in Weight Management and Healthy Ageing

o             New product launches per region, major players, categories and per protein ingredient 2014-2019

o             Market and ingredient outlook 2020-2024


The report can be purchased for EUR 3,800. For more information, please contact: Tage Affertsholt – 3A Business Consulting, Tel: +45 70 21 00 98              E-mail: ta@3abc.dk           Web: www.3abc.dk

Roland Sossna / IDM

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