New assistance services and proactive problem-solving

Date: 16.05.2023Source: Sacmi

Smart Care is a cloud-based SACMI platform that meticulously monitors machine and plant ‘health’ with the goal of helping customers optimise plant control and maintenance, thanks to new assistance services and proactive problem-solving.

Smart Care runs continuous in-depth medium-long term health checks on your machines all with one overriding purpose: to help you make the best decisions.

By exploiting AI to analyse huge quantities of data collected in the cloud, Smart Care ‘objectifies’ the true value of information, doing so by producing dedicated KPIs that artificial intelligence then uses to predict the tasks needed to maintain optimal production.

The platform can also provide statistical reports on shutdown causes by analysing all machine-generated alarms and on mean time to repair (MTTR), another crucial index for measuring expected availability in relation to production requirements.

Users can also keep other process variables under control, analysing them either individually or in aggregate form according to relevant criteria.

SACMI Smart Care is designed to be available anywhere, regardless of distance. Being able to virtualise assistance completes and optimises the on-site services that SACMI delivers via its worldwide network of branches. Customers have access to meaningful, objective information that lets them detect process drifts or component malfunction in advance. This makes predictive analysis possible, all thanks to dedicated algorithms that draw on SACMI’s vast experience of daily machine/plant management.

Data is a valuable asset for customers. That’s why SACMI has built Smart Care with the world’s leading in-cloud architects in compliance with the most advanced security and confidentiality standards. A distributed architecture ensures service is unrestricted by the geographical location of customer and assistance: data is always available and can include process info, warnings, alarms and performance indicators (consumption, availability, etc.), all in synergy with HERE Supervisor processing power. For more visit sacmi.com

David Cox / IDM

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