New study supports benefits of Bioiberica’s Mobilee

Date: 11.10.2021Source: Bioiberica

New scientific research further highlights the beneficial effect of Bioiberica’s Mobilee – a hyaluronic acid (HA) matrix ingredient – for joint health, adding to a growing bank of evidence demonstrating the bioavailability of Mobilee and its ability to increase the production of HA in the joints.

The randomised, double-blind clinical study set out to evaluate the effects of orally administered Mobilee on synovial fluid concentrations of several selected biomarkers in 55 dogs. During the study a control group was given a placebo, whereas a second group received orally administered Mobilee for 10 weeks following surgery. Synovial fluid samples were obtained before surgery and at 10 weeks postoperatively to measure key biomarkers of osteoarthritis, including HA, haptoglobin, nitric oxide and paraoxonase-1 (PON-1). It found that Mobilee significantly improved biomarkers of osteoarthritis in the group that received the supplement. After 10 weeks, there was a significant increase in HA concentration in the synovial fluid and a decrease in PON-1 concentrations compared to baseline. The positive changes in biomarkers, as a result of post-op oral administration of Mobilee, may represent a significant breakthrough in the management of joint conditions.

Comments Jaume Reguant, Healthcare Director, Bioiberica: “Despite this research involving dogs specifically, the results are an important indicator for Mobilee’s effect in humans too. The findings further contribute to a robust body of evidence which indicates Mobilee’s ability to increase endogenous HA levels and its role in supporting joint and muscle health. Science is at the heart of everything we do at Bioiberica – it’s the means through which we continue to deliver cutting-edge ingredients to support our customers’ product developments.”  For more visit bioiberica.com.

David Cox / IDM

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