Newest high-performing cheese starter culture answers U.S and Canadian manufacturers’ need for quality cheddars

Date: 25.01.2023Source: IFF

IFF has announced the launch of CHOOZIT® VINTAGE in the U.S. and Canadian markets. CHOOZIT VINTAGE will help cheddar cheese manufacturers overcome undesirable flavour development during aging to streamline cheesemaking processes and achieve the consistent flavours and textures that consumers love.

With growing economic uncertainty, consumers are now opting for products that are affordable, convenient and versatile. Cheese brands have ample room to leverage this, positioning cheese as adaptable to a variety of consumer needs, with a wide range of applications from table cheddar and snack packs to culinary haute cuisine and gourmet burger slices.

Said Annie Mornet, senior global product manager for cheese, IFF: “CHOOZIT VINTAGE is an easy-to-use culture that helps manufacturers overcome undesirable flavour development such as bitterness during aging, delivering highly reliable pH and texture results throughout the ripening process. Our extensive trials have demonstrated an increase in savoury notes with CHOOZIT. VINTAGE. Cheddar cheese manufacturers can now be confident in achieving consistent, well-balanced flavours and a smooth, clean-cut texture in every batch.” 

Aged cheddar cheese production can prove challenging with common issues such as bitterness, gas and crystal formation, colour and textural defects can prevent manufacturers from maximising process efficiency and improvement, cheese yield and whey quality. This makes it difficult to ensure high product standards that meet the expectations of increasingly discerning cheddar cheese consumers. In addition, when manufacturers try to differentiate their products with added functionalities, they face issues with savory flavor profiles and shelf-keeping qualities.

CHOOZIT VINTAGE is part of a high-performing starter culture range featuring seven rotations of blended mesophilic and thermophilic direct-to-vat cultures for producing great-quality, American-style cheddar. It provides unparalleled robustness against phages for optimal lactic acid bacteria action to meet every cheesemaking need. For more visit iff.com

David Cox / IDM

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