Performance-optimised piece picking solution

Date: 29.06.2023Source: SSI-Schaefer

SSI Schaefer is launching a fully automated piece picking system with numerous innovative features. This versatile solution, which includes dedicated smart software, boasts advanced functions such as pick-and-place, object recognition using artificial intelligence (AI), a patented gripping point determination, and extremely gentle product handling. The intelligent robotic cell, which can combine with other SSI Schaefer components, was debuted in Stuttgart in April at LogiMAT.

Smart picking robots are becoming a permanent fixture in intralogistics. In addition to performance issues, other key reasons include rising labour costs, as well as a shortage of skilled workers. Furthermore, companies want to improve working conditions and reduce employees’ workload. This approach has humans and machines working side by side with robots handling more and more of the repetitive, monotonous tasks. This achieves significantly greater picking performance alongside maximum picking accuracy and availability.

Said Peter Lambrecht, SVP Global Head of Sales, BU Logistics Solutions, SSI Schaefer: “In these scenarios, it is our job to take advantage of our bundled know-how for continuous further optimization of our automation solutions according to market demand. From our customers’ point of view, simple processes and ergonomics are crucial, while wanting to increase efficiency at the same time.”  For more visit ssi-schaefer.com

David Cox / IDM

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