Plant mania addressing natural plant-based nutrition

Date: 26.03.2021Source: Agrana Fruit

As part of AGRANA Fruit Trends 2021 the company, which is firmly rooted in agriculture has just published the trendblog ‘Plant-Mania’. Focus of this publication is the future of plant-based solutions based on a recently executed customer survey by AGRANA Fruit.

The trend of plant-based nutrition taking big steps towards mainstream is clear – 4 in 10 consumers want to reduce or avoid animal-based products in their diet (Source: FMCG Gurus). But what motivates consumers and what are they missing in current offerings?

AGRANA Fruit has recently conducted an online consumer study across five countries asking nearly 3,500 consumers about plant-based dairy alternatives. Surprising results show that only 2% of regular plant-based consumers are vegan and that environmental concern is not among the top consumption reasons. The latest development in the market is ‘hybrid’ products. Nearly 80% of consumers participating in the survey have stated that they are interested in purchasing a “hybrid” yogurt combining dairy and dairy alternatives in one single product.

For more insights about the plant-based market, the consumer study and AGRANA Fruit’s capabilities in this area, visit AGRANA Fruit’s latest trendblog on ‘plant mania’. For more visit Agrana Trendblog

David Cox / IDM

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