Plug & Play solution for rapid picking

Date: 07.07.2022Source: SSI-Schaefer

Mobile robots are a good choice for faster picking in combination with shelving systems. SSI Schaefer, the intralogistics specialist, is offering intelligent system combinations for typical requirements in smaller and medium-sized companies, with a straightforward Plug & Play approach and at attractive prices.

The components of SSI Schaefer systems match perfectly to ensure reliable functionality. Said Markus Külken, Vice President for Product Line Material Flow at SSI Schaefer: “SSI Schaefer can handle the interface coordination; they also draw on a broad range of products, so they’re never pushing one specific product. Customers appreciate having a single partner that can do all that.” 

Companies that choose partial automation of repetitive processes with shelving systems and mobile robots benefit in many ways. The Plug & Play solution allows straightforward, cost-effective automation of storage and picking processes. The goods-to-person principle (GtP) minimises walking distances and search effort in the warehouse while reducing physical strain on employees. This can achieve a fourfold productivity increase in picking while ensuring delivery accuracy, even during seasonal peaks. At the same time, their process costs have been reduced and failure risks minimised. This approach also achieves optimal utilisation of existing space. The systems are integrated precisely into existing buildings, resulting in an 80 percent increase in storage density.

Mobile robots make efficient human-machine cooperation possible. They have up to eight buffer stations, are designed for around 35 to 45 double cycles per hour and cover warehouse areas with a maximum height of just under 10 meters. Both the number of robots and the design of the shelving system can be customised and adapted as needed. Thanks to the frame system with a plug-in design, the shelving systems can be assembled quickly and easily. Reusable containers from SSI Schaefer or cartons are suitable for storage on and retrieval from the rack.

Additional process sections can also be automated as needed. For example, a conveying section with connected workstations can be integrated for greater picking performance, as can the space-saving SSI LOGIMAT vertical lift module in combination with the WEASEL automated guided vehicle system for rapid replenishment. Mobile robot ports can also be used, which make bin storage and retrieval faster. This approach allows incremental automation of various processes – from goods registration to goods staging in shipping – for the company’s long-term intralogistics strategy. For more visit ssi-schaefer.com

David Cox / IDM

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