Production of milk alternatives

Date: 09.03.2023Source: Herbertz Dairy Food Service


Pigmentum – a start-up from Israel – introduces the next generation of a method for creating plants which will drastically optimize ways for producing plant-based functional casein.

It has been well known for some time that our current food system must be transformed to find a more sustainable way to feed the growing world population. When trying to evaluate a new approach to protein production, there are 3 rules to consider: Sustainability, functionality, and of course – total cost. In this regard, Tal Lutzky, Co-Founder & CEO of Pigmentum in Israel, explains, “Despite repeated efforts, it seems that novel technologies such as precision fermentation have yet to fully address all these factors. The similarity between plant and animal cells allows Pigmentum to fine-tune plant cells to perform accurate protein folding and provide the required functionality. Our plants grow and look normal until we trigger them, turning them into pre-programmed individual “factories” that create a great deal of the desired ingredient. This leads to high yields and growth efficiencies never before demonstrated, which can then be used to achieve marketable prices.”

Tal Lutzky will speak about this new way of obtaining casein at the ,,3rd International Conference on Plant and Cell-based Alternatives to Milk’’, which will focus on recent developments in Israel.

Roland Sossna

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