Project Herb-rich Grassland

Date: 08.09.2022Source: Boerderij

Aldi has started the project “Herb-rich grassland” (Kruidenrijk Grasland) in the Netherlands in cooperation with FrieslandCampina. Under this project, 80 hectares of pasture land belonging to 43 member dairy farmers will be converted into herb-rich grassland. According to the discounter, it will reimburse the participating dairy farmers one and a half times the costs incurred for a maximum period of five years. Aldi does not specify the amount.


Aldi sees the project with FrieslandCampina as another contribution to making the dairy chain even more sustainable. The 80 hectares of additional grassland correspond to the total area of all Aldi stores and distribution centres in the Netherlands. The grassland meets the conditions listed in the description of the Biodiversity Monitor.


In the run-up to the project, ALDI held discussions with LTO and NAJK. Dairy farmers applied to participate in the project via Melkweb, FrieslandCampina’s membership website. A good distribution across the Netherlands played a role in the selection of participants. The pastures are sown with grasses and herbs in August and September. Aldi explained that there is no communication in the shops about the herb and grassland project.


FrieslandCampina hopes that the collaboration with Aldi will also inspire other parties to work with the dairy company for more biodiversity and a more sustainable dairy chain.

Roland Sossna / IDM

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