PSA allocations will be decided today

Date: 22.04.2020Source: IDM

Rumours from Brussels tell IDM that today will be the decisive day for bringing PSA (Private Storage Aid) to life in the wake of the Corona crisis. Probable  allocations will be:

SMP     90,000 t, 90 – 210 days (total allocation 6 mio euro)

Butter 140,000 t, 90 – 210 days, (total allocation 14 mio euro)

Cheese 100,000 t, 90 -210 days (total allocation 10 mio euro)


Germany will be allowed for storage of 21,726 tons of cheese, France will receive allocations for 18,394 tons and Italy for 12,654 tons. The rest will be distributed to all other Member States.

A dairy share of 30 mio euro from the (assumed) total agri support package of 80 mio euro reflects the importance of dairy within EU Agriculture.

Roland Sossna / moproweb

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