Reusable option to single-use plastic lids

Date: 25.22.2020Source: Greiner Packaging

Yoghurts, pudding and sour cream have come with fitted with disposable plastic lids. Although they perform the job just fine, these lids generate several tons of plastic waste every year. Taking a step towards a sustainable future, SalzburgMilch from Austria have recently offered a special promotion. Instead of each 500 g tub coming with a plastic lid of its own, they were topped with high-quality, dishwasher safe, and environmentally friendly reusable lids. The promotional lids look fantastic thanks to in-mold labelling (IML). This means their customers continue to enjoy the same delicious products whenever they like, while generating less waste and contributing to a greener world. ‘We wanted to offer our customers an environmentally friendly and hassle-free alternative. The reusable lids don’t just function well, they look amazing!’ says Prok. Florian Schwap, Marketing Manager at SalzburgMilch. ‘With their own lid conveniently on hand, it’s easy for customers to keep their dairy products fresh at home. There’s no need for each tub to come with its own disposable lid.’


To bring their vision into reality, SalzburgMilch approached Greiner Packaging, specialist in resealable packaging options that extend the shelf life of food while enabling it to be handled in a safe and secure way.

Roland Sossna

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