Sacco introduces lactic cultures for pasta filata and mozzarella

Date: 09.07.2020Source: Sacco System

With over 145 years of experience, Sacco has developed a range of lactic cultures for pasta filata cheeses and mozzarella to improve production and create high-quality products, ensuring a simple flow and a reliable and constant production.

Mozzarella is a product that is part of the Italian traditional now it is a true and iconic global gastronomic delight. Furthermore, it is known to everyone for being the main ingredient of another iconic delight namely pizza.

In 1889, when the sovereigns of Italy, King Umberto I and Queen Margherita visited Naples, the best Neapolitan pizza maker, Raffaele Esposito, prepared three pizzas for the royals, including one that honoured the Queen.

Her astonishment was so great and the pizza maker named the pizza after her. From that moment on, pizza became known as Margherita.

From Naples, pizza has conquered the whole world as well as the pizza cheese ferments by Sacco System.

Sacco System Research&Development has made it possible for the company to develop “MARGHERITA | Italian pizza cheese cultures”, a new range of specific lactic acid bacteria for the production of mozzarella for pizza that ensures:

  • better fermentation speed
  • better stretchability
  • fine slicing
  • standardisation of production time
  • slow post acidification
  • excellent browning control.

The line of lactic cultures for pizza cheese “MARGHERITA” is made up of two specific products that guarantee an excellent speed of acidification and are available in freeze-dried and frozen versions (Lyofast and Cryofast):


  • ST Regina – M

ST Regina – S



Download the Sacco System pizza mozzarella cultures brochure here.

Visit Sacco System’s Youtube channel and watch ar new video about MARGHERITA, Italian Pizza cheese cultures:


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